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About Us


Welcome to Over the Moon Farm and Flowers!


We're a flower farm and design studio specializing in growing and artfully arranging sustainable blooms.


Being stewards of the earth is at the heart of what we do. From our fields to your table we offer hand crafted bouquets; each design reflecting the beauty and wildness of the season. 

Our Vision

We aim to put the earth first in all we do.  Our goal is to build a sustainable ecosystem that protects wildlife and natural habitats for all plants and animals.


Sacred Honey Bee ​

The honeybee is one of the most sacred animals out on the farm. Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in the well-being of our ecosystem. We must do all we can to protect our pollinator friends- the bees!


Floral Art from the Heart

Part of our love for growing and arranging flowers is the endless possibilities for creating art.  Dried flowers inspire such creations as wreaths, panels, and abstract art that one can cherish in their home forever.  Commissions and art pieces available per request. 

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